Well hello friends, it’s been a while.

OG followers may remember I used to have a website – this was sadly hacked last year so I let it go. Turns out I really missed having a platform to share recipes, nutrition tips and fitness craic. Now my business has temporarily moved online (thanks covid-19 lockdown) it feels like the perfect time to resurrect. So here we are – three weeks of fiddling about with WordPress later!

A fresh start is sometimes what is needed. This space online started as a passion project, and has now become a hub for my personal training business and nutrition coaching, as well as a place to keep all the favourite recipes I share on Instagram.

Many thanks to my lovely host Loura for helping me get set up again. Your kindness and generosity is so much appreciated, you’re a star.

Stay tuned for some new recipes and content. Here’s what’s coming up…

  • Good news re my old recipes – I have located a few of them on the way back machine so will be importing these as and when.
  • New eBook – you can now grab a pdf with 26 of some of my favourite recipes. My first eBook ‘Food Made Simple‘ is up for grabs for less than a fiver.
  • Online fitness programmes – as I cannot currently coach face to face, I am using the platform Fitr for personal training. Here I have everything from 4 week home workout plans to individual programming. More on this soon.

Anyway lovely to see you – looking forward to sharing with you again!


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