This is a website run by me Elly Cowley.

I am a Level 3 personal trainer, a BTN graduate nutrition coach and a CF-L1 trainer.

I fancy myself a macro friendly chef, advocate of minimal meets bohemian style and enthusiast of anything food related. I created this nook on the internet to share my business and meals for gains and pleasure. I live and work in Newcastle-upon Tyne UK but can often be found visiting family in Lincolnshire, my countryside retreat.


I am an ambassador and guest blog writer/contributer for Not Just A Pretty Face


I started my first blog ‘blonde + grainless’ as a way of sharing recipes and reviews for meals, foods and products which offered alternatives for those wishing to limit or eliminate processed foods, particularly wheat. Learning about gut health became a passion of mine, as well as creating and sharing delicious recipes for others. I embarked on nutrition courses, watched documentaries and read articles to quench my thirst for knowledge.  Alongside this my love for fitness grew and in July 2016 I took the opportunity to quit my office job to work in a gym as an apprentice personal trainer and nutritionist.

A couple of years down the line I discovered CrossFit and found my tribe. Long story short, I am now working as a coach at my local box as well as coaching nutrition clients online. More information about how I help people can be found in the ‘work with me’ section.

I love sharing my knowledge and I also love hearing from you! Please let me know through social media or by commenting on my posts whether you try out my recipes or if you have any questions. I can’t wait to help you.