So we are all stuck inside for now.. What better time to experiment with food? I have created an eBook of 26 quarantine friendly recipes.

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Food Made Simple is a a collection of 26 recipes designed with my nutrition clients in mind.

You train hard and know what you should be doing: have enough protein, vegetables and carbohydrates to support your training. But food is not just for function – it needs to be enjoyable too. It doesn’t seem possible to have both – or is it?

If that sounds like you then these recipes will give you some ideas and show you how you can have both tasty and functional food:

  • no complicated ingredients lists
  • no fiddly cooking techniques
  • macros included
  • meal prep friendly
  • a fresh look at some favourites (sandwiches, pizza and curry)


Elly Cowley is a Nutrition Coach (BTN Practical Academy graduate) and works as an online coach for macro-led nutrition company We Dominate Nutrition, a coaching service for every day athletes.

Her mission is to help close the knowledge gap between performance based nutrition and real food which tastes great and works with you to reach your goals.

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